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We'll be using mate-tools to perform SRL on Kres.


The tools require Java. Go to ./dockerfiles/python-java/ and run make.
You should get a docker environment, mounting this repo.


Check out ./tools/srl-20131216/


Check all possible xml tags (that occur after the tag.

cat F0006347.xml.parsed.xml | grep -A 999999999999 -e '<body>' | grep -o -e '<[^" "]*' | sort | uniq


  • Parser for reading both SSJ500k 2.1 TEI xml and Kres F....xml.parsed.xml" files found in ./tools/parser/
  • fillpred_model for creating a yes/no model for preditcing the predicate (based on ssj500k data).


$ cd ./dockerfiles/python-java`
$ make
# you should be inside a container now
$ cd ./cjvt-srl-tagging
$ make

If you want to run it on a server overnight, you might want to use nohup, so you can close the ssh connection without closing the process.

$ nohup make &

See progress in generated logfile (check git root).


The Makefile follows certain steps:

  1. Create a fillpred model.
  2. Parse .xml files and create .tsv files.
  3. Run mate-tools srl-tagger on the created .tsv files.