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A tool for parsing ssj500k and Kres into a unified .json format.


Run make. You will get a container with python3 and this package installed.



To parse ssj500k, point to the monolythic ssj500k-sl.body.xml file (tested on ssj500k 2.1).


To parse Kres, point to folders:

  • Kres folder, containig several (around 20K) .xml files (F00XXXXX.xml.parsed.xml).
  • Kres SRL folder, containing SRL links for the corresponding F00...xml files (

Internal data format

This is the internal python dict data format. It can be stored to file as .json or stored into a database for application usage.

	'sid': 'F0034713.5.0',
	'text': 'Mednarodni denarni sklad je odobril 30 milijard evrov vredno posojilo Grčiji. ',
	'tokens': [
		{'text': 'Mednarodni', 'lemma': 'mednaroden', 'msd': 'Ppnmeid', 'word': True, 'tid': 1},
		{'text': 'denarni', 'lemma': 'denaren', 'msd': 'Ppnmeid', 'word': True, 'tid': 2},
		{'text': 'sklad', 'lemma': 'sklad', 'msd': 'Somei', 'word': True, 'tid': 3},
		{'text': 'je', 'lemma': 'biti', 'msd': 'Gp-ste-n', 'word': True, 'tid': 4},
		{'text': 'odobril', 'lemma': 'odobriti', 'msd': 'Ggdd-em', 'word': True, 'tid': 5},
		{'text': '30', 'lemma': '30', 'msd': 'Kag', 'word': True, 'tid': 6},
		{'text': 'milijard', 'lemma': 'milijarda', 'msd': 'Sozmr', 'word': True, 'tid': 7}, # ... 
	'jos_links': [
		{'to': 1, 'from': 3, 'afun': 'dol'},
		{'to': 2, 'from': 3, 'afun': 'dol'},
		{'to': 3, 'from': 5, 'afun': 'ena'}, # ...
	'srl_links': [
		{'to': 3, 'from': 5, 'afun': 'ACT'},
		{'to': 7, 'from': 5, 'afun': 'PAT'}