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from parser.parser import Parser
import os
from os.path import join, dirname
from pathlib import Path
import re
import sys
import cProfile
import configparser
import logging
from multiprocessing import Pool
SSJ500K_2_1 = 27829 # number of sentences
par = Parser()
# path to data
config = configparser.ConfigParser()"tools.cfg")
INDIR = Path(config["tools"]["kres_orig"])
OUTDIR = Path(config["tools"]["kres_tsv"])
CPU_CORES = int(config["tools"]["cpu_cores"])
LOGFILE = Path(config["tools"]["logfile"]).absolute()
logging.basicConfig(filename=str(LOGFILE), level=logging.INFO)
print("parsing ssj")
ssj_file = "../data/ssj500k-sl.sample.xml"
ssj_dict = par.parse_tei(ssj_file)
# assert (len(ssj_dict) == 27829), "Parsed wrong number of sentences."
print("end parsing ssj")
# kres_file = "../data/kres_example/F0019343.xml.parsed.xml"
infiles = list(enumerate([x for x in INDIR.iterdir() if x.is_file()]))"Parsing kres: {} files.".format(len(infiles)))
def handle_file(infile):
i = infile[0]
kres_file = infile[1]
outfile = (OUTDIR /".tsv")
if outfile.is_file():"Skipping existing file: {}.".format(str(kres_file)))
return True
res_dict = par.parse_tei(kres_file)
kres_out_str = ""
for _, sentence in res_dict.items():
kres_out_str += par.to_conll_2009_SRL(sentence)
except Exception as exc:"Failed processing file: {}".format(str(kres_file)))
return False
with"wb+") as fp:
fp.write(kres_out_str.encode("utf-8"))"Processed file ({}/{}): {}".format(i+1, len(infiles), str(kres_file)))
return True
return False
with Pool(CPU_CORES) as p:, infiles)"end parsing kres")