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# All required components, to create and fill a database,
# instantiate backend and frontend.
MAKE_ROOT = $(shell pwd)
### Input data
# I received ssj500k in one .xml file,
# kres is composed of many .xml files
# I generated srl tags for kres in separate .json files
# (for each kres.xml file there is a kres.json file with srl tags)
SSJ_FILE = "$(MAKE_ROOT)/data/samples/ssj_example/ssj500k-sl.body.sample.xml"
KRES_FOLDER = "$(MAKE_ROOT)/data/samples/kres_example"
KRES_SRL_FOLDER = "$(MAKE_ROOT)/data/kres_srl"
OUTPUT = "file"
OUTDIR = "/home/voje/workdir/test_out"
DB_ADM_USER = testadmin
DB_ADM_PASS = testadminpass
DB_USR_USER = testuser
DB_USR_PASS = testuserpass
.PHONY: cjvt-corpusparser-env
all: cjvt-corpusparser-env install
# prereq (environment)
cd dockerfiles/cjvt-corpusparser-env; $(MAKE)
# commands inside containers:
pip3 install -e .